Women No Show Socks Women Low Socks Non Slip Flat Boat Line 4/8 Pairs

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  • 80% Cotton, 17% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • PREMIUM COTTON – Made of natural combed cotton & spandex which enhances durability, comfortability, and sweat-wicking, these women no show socks are ideal for indoor and outdoor activity
  • NOT SLIDE DOWN – Cotton low cut invisible socks with 3 silicone heel grip technology ensures non-slip and your loafer socks stay put all day long
  • TWO SIZES AVAILABLE – Our no show women socks for flats fit US women’s shoe sizes 5-8, US women’s shoe sizes 8.5-11
  • INVISIBLE WEAR – The liner socks with basic colors creates invisible wear inside shoes. Suitable for lady’s shoes, like sneakers, loafers and sport / athletic shoes (NOTE: This sock is NOT SUPER LOW socks for Women Flats or extreme low fashion slip-ons )
  • OUR SERVICE – WERNIES provides top quality and excellent customer service. If you have any problem, please contact us for a full refund or a free replacement

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  • Product Description
  • You’ve been on the hunt for some comfortable low-cut socks that won’t slide off? We’ve all been there. Developed with practicality, comfort, safety, and durability in mind, our unique No-Show Socks for women provides moisture management and comfort without sacrificing comfort.
  • Wernies no show socks will protect your feet from blisters and Enhanced silicone heel grip prevents slipping off.
  • Keep your socks low, invisible, and almost non-existent as you wear your favorite shoes, giving your footwear a unique look. Moisture Wicking, keeping feet clean, dry.
  • Enjoy Your Walk Everyday
  • No longer worry about anyone seeing your socks when you wear loafers, sneakers, or any other shoes. Wearing our near-invisible socks, you will definitely enjoy the feeling of casual stealth with comfort.
  • Perfect for Any Occasions
  • The socks are crafted from high-quality cotton and spandex that absorb sweat, enhance durability and offer superior comfort.
  • Breathable and Comfortable No Show Socks
  • These are medium weight cotton sock. these low cut socks stand up very well to sweat and moisture, made of high-quality cotton & spandex, pretty soft and breathable.
  • Care Instruction
  • Hand/Machine Wash in cold and air dry to reduce shrinkage. No bleaching. Hand Wash Recommended.
  • Comfortable Fabrics
  • Long fiber cotton knitting technology make socks light and ventilation, your feet can breathe well when doing sports or walking.
  • Rubber Insert at Heel
  • We have applied the Silicon Grip technology on the heel to ensure the socks stay on your feet the whole time. Not only does this grip hold the socks, it is also made out of soft gel that does not cause any discomfort on your heel.
  • Arch Support Design
  • Excellent and flexible elastic in the arch area for support, perfect fit feet, use 200-pin high knitting technology to make socks softer and more durable.
  • Strong Elasticity
  • Cotton fiber has super-elasticity and can be stretched freely so that the socks fit perfectly on the feet.
  • Wernies women no show socks is not only made for popular low cut shoes but also help your feet stay cool and dry by rapidly wicking moisture away from your skin.
  • Amazing No Show Socks for Women!
  • No show and low cut invisible design, match well with most shoes such as sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, canvas shoes.
  • Suitable for all seasons, especially spring and summer. Available occasions: Home, office, gym, journey, outside, etc.
  • The socks are crafted from high-quality cotton and spandex that absorb sweat, enhance durability and offer superior comfort.
  • Cotton low cut invisible socks with 3 silicone heel grip technology ensures non-slip and your loafer socks stay put all day long.
  • The mesh design above the instep helps to circulate air and keep cool.
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L: US women's shoe 8.5-11, M: US women's shoe 5-8



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  1. Ariana

    I bought these socks to wear with my size 8.5 Adidas shoes since I didn’t like the look or feel of wearing regular socks with them. These no show socks are especially good for people that wear Vans, Converse, or other shoes that are particularly low. They have good rubber grips on the back of the heel to prevent sliding down when walking, the material of these no show socks is thin but not too thin so as to rip easily, and they’re stretchy and very breathable (good for people with feet on the sweaty side). After walking around wearing a pair of these socks for several minutes I took off my shoes and the socks did not slide down in the back so the rubber grips are good, they don’t cause discomfort and I don’t believe they’ll cause any chaffing or blisters either. In one of the photos I’m wearing my purple Adidas with the beige colored socks and you can barely see the top of the sock which is exactly what I wanted. Overall I highly recommend these if you’re in the market for durable no show socks you can wear with your comfy and fashionable sneakers/walking shoes.


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    I was pleasantly surprised by these. There’s such a variety of types and prices to choose from that I was afraid I might pick poorly and end up with cheap feeling socks. Instead, they are a nice, sturdy material. My favorite thing about them is the non-slip grip on the heel (see picture)…it works! They stay in place nicely. I’m happy with them!


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  3. Kimberly Rowell

    I have tried just about every brand-name no-show socks there is on the market. And when I needed to purchase some more I was screwed before I even started looking because it seems to be a fruitless expedition. I happen to come across these on Amayup and saw great reviews and I am another individual that is 100% sold! I have never, never had no show socks that it stayed in place all day. That means working a 14 hour shift At a hospital and still not having your socks go anywhere. They’re comfortable and they’re affordable and I will purchase these for as long as The company continues to make them

    Kimberly Rowell

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  4. Arete

    With the hotter season, I have been wearing more rolled up style jeans or shorts – having my socks peak out of my Converses is just not cute. I needed the low-cut socks, but the ones I previously bought kept slipping off when I walk. I bought these with the 8 pairs, 4 colors options.Pros:- Quantity: you get a lot of socks – 8 pairs, 16 socks- Price: great price, less than $2 per pair – I bought 1 pair for $4 before at Target- Colors: I liked the 4 colors that came in the set I bought (white, nude, gray, black); they’re all very neutral colors that can I wear with any outfit/shoes- Design: I was worried about these slipping off like the other low-but socks I had, but the rubber pieces on the inside really do help the socks stay onCons:- Thickness: these are very, very thin; I like them because I buy my shoes just right, so thicker socks would be too tight- Cuts: the edges of these socks are not completely cleanly cut- Durability: because these are thin, I am not going to expect them to last less than a year (and I am okay with that – they’re pretty cheap)- Packaging: I pulled all the socks off and rolled them up (in pairs) before putting them back into the bag; the cardboard shape holding the socks actually distorts the shape of the sock and stretches them out- Smell: there’s a kind of chemical-like smell, but it went away after I washed them (please wash things before you wear them!)There was one more issue I had: the rubber gel to keep the socks on actually got on the outside of one of the socks (pic). I was kind of disappointed, but tip if this happened to yours, just run it under warm/hot water. It peeled right off, and after the wash, there was no trace of it.Now I can lose as many socks as I want without out feeling bad! (I do not know how I keep ending up with only 1 sock)


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  5. Emmalynne

    If you’ve read my other reviews (and I’m sure you have as they are all so riveting!) you will know I’m pretty fussy about my no show socks. And these, my fellow sock loving friends, are great. They have a nice grippy section at the back to keep them from sliding down, an issue I have with almost all other socks. And they don’t make my toes all scrunched up from feeling like they’re too short. They’ve very comfortable and fit so well! They’ll work best with regular/higher shoes. I tried them on with Sketchers Bobs and I could see about a quarter to a half inch of sock, so they may not work with similar shoes. I dont mind the look, ot has a much cleaner appearance than other low socks, and with a matching color you may not even notice it. I’ve actually been wearing the socks just around the house because I find them so comfy and even though i prefer wearing socks at home i dont always like wearing thick socks. So These are a great alternative.


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  6. Lynne Brosco

    These socks fit as expected and they hide perfectly inside my shoe. A true no show sock, they’re very comfortable as well. They’re the perfect thickness and they don’t slip down throughout the day. I love the colors that came in this pack, I plan on buying another pack of all white.

    Lynne Brosco

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  7. Swtbrnskn

    These socks are amazing. They use quality material as the socks fit very snug. Typically i dont wear sock to the gym, because i love that bare ankle look. So to still have that look while wearing these socks is amazing. The cherry on top is, they dont slip off your feet. Usually, lowrise sock slide off while exercising. These dont, because not only does the material fit snug, there is a none skid material placed on the inside of every heel of the sock. These socks stayed in place during my zumba class…and for that i will be purchasing another pack.


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  8. BrandyFaye

    Great lightweight socks, not too thick & not too thin!! I wear a 9 1/2-10 WIDE and the size large fit perfectly. The no slip gel on the heel is awesome, these won’t even budge much less slip off!! This are a true low no show sock. I’ve been wearing them every day since I got em!!!


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  9. Liz G

    Received these socks 2 in the package, @ 1st feel i was not impressed, i did not luke the feel of the material to touch, the slip resistance material on the top of the heel area felt …well like non slip weird plastic kind of material…. I usually do not buy “no show socks” bc they do slid down into my shoe when walking HOWEVER these socks did.NOT! I am very pleased w/these socks. Definitely recommend for those of you that would like to wear the no show socks… without slippage… the non-slip material did not rub the back of my foot/heel area. Now the cons:(if you feel as if these are “con”) Price is higher than average 3 pk no show socks & material isnt a “soft sock” feeling… but thats not a reason not to try them… priced @ $9.89

    Liz G

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  10. Shannon Johnston

    I am super particular when it comes to no show socks and these are perfect let me just tell you. They are not too thick but they are very comfortable and thick enough. The heel does not slip down & the comfort is fabulous. I wear this type of sock with my Sperrys and these are going to be my New Found Glory… I literally did just get them and have only been wearing them for today, so I hope they don’t become a regret after being washed… if so I’ll be back here to give you an update. Other than that I feel that these are going to workout great… so if you’ve been searching for a great pair of no show socks I would definitely go with these… you will not be disappointed. Like I said, I did some serious searching and these seem to the best… by far!!🤩 hope this helps my fellow sock searchers..Good luck!

    Shannon Johnston

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