Puzzle cubes ( Set of 5 Cubes Rubik’s)

  • Puzzle Cube, Black 3x3x3 Puzzle Cube
  • ( Set of 5 pieces )
  • Smooth turning and cornering for speedcubing
  • Solve it by making each side one solid color
  • Extremely fast with good cornering
  • Free 3 days Delivery – Free Return – No unhappy customer 

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● Smooth Turning, and Good Corners Cutting As a specialized speed cube for the game, it has smooth turning, anti-pop structure, and good corners cutting, facilitating the twisting. Rotations are enhanced, so you can turn it quicker than other cubes.

● Excellent Hand Feel — With frosted fluorescent stickers, our speed cube will give you vivid colors and excellent hand feels.

● Popular Intelligent Toy — Nearly 1.4 billion people are playing a magic cube. The playing cubes Rubik’s will Develop Your Thinking and Three-Dimensional Ability; Improve Your Fingers’ Dexterity and Coordination; Enhance Your Memory.

● An Ideal Gift — Whether you have played or not, you will fall in love with our speed cube once you take it up and begin to play.

The speed cube 3×3 is an ideal gift for kids to increase intelligence; for adults to release working pressure; for the old man to prevent brain degeneration.

So what contributes to its success and why buy one?

Reason #1: It’s fun and dynamic. You can figure it out on your own or you can grab a lifeline by watching a video below.  It merges the old philosophy of figuring it out for yourself with our new technological capacity to google for answers,

Reason #2: It’s the perfect social icebreaker. Take a cubes Rubik’s to the park and within minutes you are surrounded by others who either have cubes of their own or are willing to share solutions.

Reason #3: As a speech therapist, I have found that this portable game has extensive cognitive and problem-solving capabilities. It helps promote spatial relationships, can be used to teach patterns, and even improves eye-hand coordination for children and grownups.

Other benefits include:

Reason #4: Increases your concentration and focus

Reason #5: Promotes development of a wider perception of the process of problem-solving

Reason #6: Improves short term memory

Reason #7: Teaches life lessons including patience, perseverance, and pride

Reason #8: Here is my favorite advantage. Completing the puzzle promotes optimism because “most day-to-day personal problems are easier to solve than a Rubik’s Cube.”

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