Dog Toys Squeaky Toys No Stuffing, 6 Pack Dog Toys Crinkle Dog Toys for Small Dogs Durable Dog Chew Toys

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  • 🐕SUPER VALUE PACK TOY PACK: ^-^ 6 pack furry dog toy, including pig, lamb, lion, cow, chipmunk, leopard, all in animal-shaped, flat and unstuffed. Every set comes with a storage bag. Your pup will love their new squeaky friends.
  • 🐕PLUSH DOG TOYS WITH SQUEAKERS: ^-^ Floppy light weight bodies, easy for small dogs to carry, toss, and roll around with. Each toy has two squeakers inside, not too loud but still get the dog’s attention.
  • 🐕CRINKLE DOG TOY NO STUFFING: ^-^ Crinkle paper all over the body, keeping your dog entertained for hours. 100% stuffing free means that no dangerous stuffing hidden in our toys, no swallowing or choking risks and you won’t find yourself cleaning bits of stuffing from all over the house ever again.
  • 🐕SAFE SMALL DOG CHEW TOYS: ^-^ Our dog toys are made of natural and non-toxic material that ensures the safety of dogs. Thicker fabric and better stitching make these toys more durable for dogs. It’s suitable for teeth cleaning and chewing.
  • 🐕WARM TIPS FOR DOG TOY SET: ^-^ These toys are machine washable. Please kindly note these toys are not for aggressive chewers, and we recommend supervised play, timely replacement of the broken ones. Feel free to contact us before or after your purchase with any questions or concerns, we will give you a satisfactory solution.

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Dog Toys Squeaky Toys No Stuffing, 6 Pack Dog Toys Crinkle Dog Toys for Small Dogs Durable Dog Chew Toys Plush Cute Animals Natural Puppy Toys for Teething Pet Toys Squeak

  • Material: Floppy plush
  • Size:
  • 🐹Chipmunk Dog Toy: 16.92”height x 3.94” width
  • 🐷Pig Dog Toy: 15”height x 3.94” width
  • 🐮Cow Dog Toy: 17.72”height x 3.54” width
  • 🦁Lion Dog Toy: 15”height x 3.54” width
  • 🐑Lamb Dog Toy: 14.1”height x 3.94” width
  • 🐆Leopard Dog Toy: 17.72”height x 3.54” width
  • Fun and cute shape 6 pack dog toys make them easy for dogs of all breeds and size to carry, play with and snuggle, they are perfect gifts for your lovely dogs to kill bored time. Great value for the amount of toys you get.
  • Dogs are obsessed with these plush dog toys. Ideal dog toys for small dogs, but large and medium pups love our unstuffed dog toys just as much; Their floppy light weight bodies make these plush dog toys easy for small dogs to carry, toss, and roll around with.
  • Crinkle paper and squeakers all over the body make dogs won’t just focus on one to rip apart. They’re actually lasting longer than her other soft toys.
  • These toys are made of 100% non-toxic material, very safe for your furry friends. Hand-embroidered eyes and no stuffing design can prevent the dogs from swallowing. It’s suitable for dog chewing and cleaning.
  • Not for aggressive chewers. Because our dogs are enjoy ripping everything apart, all proud like they killed it, we recommend supervised play, and timely replacement of the broken ones.
  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight different in sizes.
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8 reviews for Dog Toys Squeaky Toys No Stuffing, 6 Pack Dog Toys Crinkle Dog Toys for Small Dogs Durable Dog Chew Toys

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  1. Moching

    I bought this for our 10wk old spangold retriever and our 2 year old chihuahua. They both love toys and chewing, and the reviews looked promising. However the destruction you see in the pic are from 15 mins of play, and the little lion lost his feet within 5 mins. The material is very thin and the seams don’t appear very strong. The horn on the goat was chewed off within mins of the chihuahua playing with it. I’ve had more durability with the dollar toys from Walmart. Super disappointed.


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  2. Mutive

    I think the product is cute, but in terms of quality I would not buy this product again. The head of one of the animals was not shaped properly on one side and you could feel a piece of hard plastic pushing out under the material. I gave that toy to my toy poodle and within 20 minutes he was able to open the side of the head where the plastic was (hard plastic that should not have been like that, since it was only on one side) , broke off a piece of the plastic and was chewing on it separate from the toy. Very disappointing. This was a waste of money. I still have the other 5 animals and am hesitating to allow him to play with any of them, since I can see that none will last very long. These toys are cute but of very poor quality and I will not purchase again. I am very disappointed.


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  3. Thomas B. Gross

    They are cute but the squeekers are very poor quality. Some of them didn’t work when we received the toys. The rest didn’t make it thru the day. I have other sqeeky toys that we have had for over 6 months and they still work fine. Very poor quality squeekers, You buy a squeeky toy because of the squeekers. Very dissapointing when you pay for squeekers and get plain old floppy toys.

    Thomas B. Gross

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  4. Stephanie

    My dogs LOVE them! Unfortunately some of the squeakers let out pretty quick. Be sure to monitor while in use. I looked away from my puppy for maybe a minute and turned back to see her with a half shredded squeaker in her mouth.I tossed it. This product is priced well enough it is not too terribly expensive. I got them with hope of setting up an agility course and using this as a toy on a rope- pretty sure they will chase.


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  5. S. Farrell

    My Beagle mix is kinda of a jerk when it comes to play. He’ll fetch like once, then drop the toy and stare at me. I had a few plush toys but he would gut them in under a minute and I would spend an hour cleaning up. These cute weird toys have no stuffing so he hasn’t tried to tare them open. We played fetch, tug-of-war, chase and the one he picked is still in perfect shape. Sooooo much fun! These things seem to entertain him more than the expensive robot (he know it’s me) I got him. Cheers.

    S. Farrell

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  6. Jayne N. Lewis

    My Maltese and Malti-poo absolutely LOVE these. There are 5 of them in the bag, each with a larger squeaker in the heads, a smaller squeaker at the end of the tails and their flat (no stuffing) bodies are full of crinkle. They are just the right size for small mouthed furbabies to squeak, chew on and carry around. They both play with them every day. There were so many that we keep some in different rooms of the house. We have a big toy basket for the pups that they can crawl into and pull out their toys. It is full of dog toys and tugs and balls and other squeakers. Yes, our furbabies are spoiled! But since these toys came along at Christmas- THANK YOU Santa – they both choose one of these flat bodied crinkly animal squeakers every time! They are even choosing them over ones that used to be their favorites. I plan on ordering another set to put away for down the road so that when they eventually wear these out we will have new ones to intermingle as needed. Couldn’t be happier about these dog toys and I can’t recommend them any higher! I would suggest not getting them for strong chewers. Even though they are stuffing free, a strong chewer would have the squeakers popped and the animal torn into pieces pretty quickly. These are perfect for smaller breeds!

    Jayne N. Lewis

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  7. Roger B.

    My Chihuahua loves his new squeaky toys. Mind you, he is very picky when it comes to things like toys, treats or food. He was so happy to get these, he was like a little kid at Christmas! They do have squeakers in both the head and tail which he loves. They are very adorable and durable as well. I am using my Dad’s account to write this review. I would also like to mention that they came on time as well.Anyways, long story short.My picky pup is pleased.

    Roger B.

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  8. Carol T. Tombari

    This box has a selection of toys irresistible to a puppy, especially the crinkly, long animals. They’re all furry, in a selection of colors and “species,” and all have a squeaky button. The head on each animal makes them just unbalanced enough for puppy to toss them in the air and catch them, and they’re long enough for a little game of tug. TONS of fun, sense-stimulating fun in each toy, much less the entire box! Great entertainment, both with puppy’s human and for puppy alone. (I mentioned only the furry animals; there are other fun toys in the box as well.)

    Carol T. Tombari

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