Dog Food Mat, Silicone Dog Cat Bowl Mat, Non-Slip Pet Feeding Mat Waterproof Dog Placemat for Small Animals

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  • The pet food mats are designed to collect the food, water and treats when pet eat and drink to prevent them from spilling onto your clean floors.
  • The dog bowl mat is great for holding cats and dogs’ bowls, feeder, drinking fountains, stands, station, dish so that they can be more stable for the pets to eat. Good for stainless steel bowl, plastic bowl or silicone bowl.
  • The dog feeding mat is made of food grade environmental protection silicone material, and the heat resistant temperature is from -40 to +240 degrees, it is safe for the pets to eat the food even if they spilled out of the food bowl.
  • The silicone pet food pad is easy to clean by water or wet cloth, it is also dishwasher safe. Easy to store, great for travel. Just roll up the flexible, durable food pad.
  • The size is 18.5″ x 11.8″, suitable for small and medium dogs or cats, and other small pets Please check the size you need before order.180 days warranty, please feel free to email us if there is any problem about it, thank you.

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Dog Food Mat, Silicone Dog Cat Bowl Mat, Non-Slip Pet Feeding Mat Waterproof Dog Placemat for Small Animals – Guardians
  • Dog Cat Bowl Mat, Food Grade Silicone Pad Place Mat Waterproof Non-stick Food Pad Feeding Mat
  • The pets are members of our family, we all love them, but sometimes we don’t like the messy floor when they are eating or drinking. Therefore, we need something to solve the problem, here comes the food mat, our mat can help keep your floors clean and dry.
  • Made of food-grade silicone material, the food mat is very healthy for pets.
  • You can even place the food on the mat directly without a bowl, and the small animal can eat the food on the mats.
  • When you place the mat under the pet food bowls, they can stay on it more firmly and will not move around easily.
  • When the food spill out of the bowl, it will come to the mat instead of pouring over to the floor, this will keep your floor clean.
  • The silicone mat is waterproof and easy to clean. Just wipe it with a wet cloth, or put it into the water.
  • It is also dishwasher safe and become dry easily.
  • Description:
  • Product Material: Food grade environmental protection silicone material
  • Product Size: 18.5 x 11.8 inch
  • Product Weight: 275g
  • Five Colors Available: Grey, Pink, Blue, Black, Red
  • Heat-resistant temperature: -40 to +240℃
  • Suitable for pets such as cats and dogs, and other small pets.
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  1. Jheneya

    This mat looks just like the photo (a good thing), but its a little thinner than I expected. Still it’s a pretty good mat. It was delivered rolled up and after a few days of use, has NOT yet completely unrolled which is a little disappointing, but the cat hasn’t complained.


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  2. Chulapit

    It was much to small for 2 bowls, which is what I needed to fit on it as I have 2 dogs. But the bowl doesn’t move around on this mat so I put their food on it because they will only eat from the same bowl.


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  3. Misty Strickland

    I like it!!! It’s simple and effective. I had a regular cloth pet placemat that was cute but did nothing to protect my laminate flooring from spills. I have 2 “grandpuppies” that get water everywhere when drinking. This silicone placemat does the job very well. It has a “rim” along the edge that keeps larger spills away from the floor. I would definitely recommend it.

    Misty Strickland

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  4. PhoeniXforce

    I love this mat. My cat sometimes is a messy eater and I gets all the crumbs and water droplets. So easy to just wipe right up with a damp towel. The bowls do not slide around on it it and it does not slide around on the floor. My hardwood floors are happy!


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  5. Starshine

    Super easy to clean and light weight. Just run it under water or add a small amount of soap to get any build up off. Using the one I purchased for my kitty who has a food bowl and a small water fountain. She will sometimes knock wet food out of the bowl so this mat catches all of that. Also true to the no slip or slide of the bowls or even against the floor it lays on. Love there’s different colors to go with your kitchen or whichever room and/or food bowls that are being used. Also doesn’t stand out like a sore eye.


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    I bought this mat to place my dog bowls, the size is perfect for two large collapsible bowls. The edge tilt up slightly so it can collect the water and food to avoid them spill over. A little silicone smell but goes away very fast. It is good quality and easy to clean, too.


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  7. Alex

    I have 3 cats, 2 of which are still under a year. The older kitty knows how to keep food on her plate and water in the bowl. The 2 younger ones, oh boy do they make a mess. They get excited when they eat and even in a high sided dish they still manage to push it all onto the floor. They also play in the water as they drink, and just for fun sometimes. My floors were a mess and the food would stick to it and become hard. These mats have been a floor saver. They are durable, clean easily, make the food easier to see and clean, and I am not stepping in water all the time. I am going to buy one for a friends dog who likes to push his food all over the place too. Would definitely buy more!


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  8. Jules

    This is a nice mat. I use it for my cats and it is perfect. I have a double-feeder bowl set on it and it fits nice with space for me to put two wet food bowls on it. I like that there is a lip around the whole thing. It keeps spills contained. It washes nicely and easily. It keeps my floors protected from spilled water and I don’t have spilled dry food all over my floors (they get contained on the mat because of the lip). I would recommend this mat.


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  9. Zw

    Purchased this mat a year and a half ago to use underneath a water fountain for our two cats. I love this mat because while we have plenty of cat hair to manage, it does not collect on the mat. It stays clean. It’s also easy to clean if you do need to clean it. One of our cats spills water at least a few times a month. The lip on the edge of the mat always contains the spills and has saved my hardwood floors countless times. Highly recommend this mat to protect against water spills.


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