Dog Bed Comfortable Bolster | Ideal for Large Dog Breeds & Fits a 42-Inch Dog Crate | Easy Maintenance Machine Wash & Dry | 1-Year Warranty

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  • TURN YOUR DOG’S CRATE INTO THEIR FOREVER HOME! | Use pet bed in conjunction with their dog crate to entice your pet to use their crate
  • Pet bed features ultra-soft synthetic fur & comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion around the perimeter for dogs to lay their head on
  • Ideal dog bed for folding metal dog crates, dog carriers & dog houses | This specific size fits a 48-inch MidWest iCrate, Life Stages & Ultima Pro dog crate
  • EASY MAINTENANCE PET BED | 100 % machine washable & dryer friendly w/ a 1- Year MIDWEST QUALITY GUARENTEE Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Dog Bed Comfortable Bolster | Ideal for Large Dog Breeds & Fits a 42-Inch Dog Crate | Easy Maintenance Machine Wash & Dry | 1-Year Warranty
  • 30-inch QuietTime Gray Bolster Bed
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  • We set ourselves apart from our competitors through our relationship with our research and design department, our quality assurance and testing lab, our customer service team, and our production facilities.
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  • QuietTime Pet Beds in Gray
  • Perfect for your pet’s quiet time.
  • From MidWest Homes for Pets, the industry leader in quality pet bedding, QuietTime Bolstered Pet Beds are the perfect solution to provide relaxation and comfort for your pet.
  • Designed with your pet and your home in mind, QuietTime Bolstered Pet Beds offer a soothing element for any space for newborn and young pets, as well as anxious, aging, or convalescent pets. They feature a cushioned poly/cotton base with comfortable polyester-filled bolsters, providing a pillowy place for pets to rest their head. Durable and completely machine washable, QuietTime Bolstered Pet Beds provide comfort for pets in all seasons. The Fleece, Pearl Gray, and Cinnamon beds come in eight sizes – 18-inch to 54-inch, and our Fashion Pink and Fashion Blue pet beds come in sizes 18-inch to 36-inch.
  • QuietTime Bolstered Pet Beds create the perfect area for your pet to call his or her own. They’re perfect for use in crates, carriers, vehicles, and more. QuietTime — the brand that offers comfort, style, and affordability — the pet bedding brand trusted by pets and pet parents alike.
  • Comfortable Polyester-Filled Bolsters
  • Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base
  • Completely Machine Washable
  • Folds for Storage and Travel
  • Ideal for Use in Crates, Carriers, Dog House, Vehicles
  • One-Year, Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Ultra-Soft, Rich Texture Faux Fur
  • The luxury and feel of soft, plush fur provides comfort in both cold or warm climates. The bed is easy to keep clean with a quick machine wash and dry, and it resists shedding and wear over time.
  • Quality Construction and Quality Stitching
  • The cushioned poly/cotton quilted base features top-quality stitching and durable construction to resist wear and tear from daily use as well as from washing.
  • Perfect for Use in a Crate
  • Add a QuietTime Pet Bed to your pet’s crate to create a comfortable den-like environment – a cozy space to call their own. A quiet time Pet Bed provides comfort, a soft cushion, and a calming, soothing retreat your pet will love.
  • Choose Your Favorite QuietTime Bolstered Pet Bed
  • In addition to our ultra-soft, rich texture faux fur in Pearl Gray, QuietTime Pet Beds come in Cinnamon faux fur, as well as soft, synthetic Fleece Sheepskin and Pink and Blue faux fur Fashion Swirl patterns. This allows you to pick the perfect color for your pet. Choose pink or blue for your furry fashionista, or choose a bed that will conceal sheddings, such as the fleece bed for white or light-colored dogs, the cinnamon for blonde or golden dogs, and the gray for brunette, dark-colored, or black dogs. A perfect option for every pet!
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9 reviews for Dog Bed Comfortable Bolster | Ideal for Large Dog Breeds & Fits a 42-Inch Dog Crate | Easy Maintenance Machine Wash & Dry | 1-Year Warranty

Based on 9 reviews
  1. Caitlin Kim

    This pet bed is OK but I’ve had better quality pet beds. The material comes off rather easily. I’m constantly cleaning it off the bed or from the floor. My dog likes to play with the loose material. Once this is worn out, (which probably won’t be very long) I will not buy it again.
    This bed is horrible! It is constantly shedding fibers. I must clean them out of the bed daily. They bunch up & get pulled out to the floor as my dog leaves his crate. I wish I would have returned this thing. It was a COMPLETE waste of money!
    I’m changing my rating from three starts to one star

    Caitlin Kim

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  2. Marsha Kerr

    My dog has been using this mat in her crate daily for about 2 months now, and it is useless at this point. There are always clumps of fuzz all over my house from it (it’s not the internal stuffing coming out; it’s fuzz from the exterior of the product shedding for no discernible reason). At first, I thought that it was because it was new, but it’s been through the washing machine several times and that hasn’t slowed it down (notably, I’ve always followed the manufacturer’s instructions for washing it). I have noticed that holes are starting to appear in it as it is disintegrating due to its need to shed constantly.
    I would worry a lot if I had a dog who chewed–they would be ingesting fluffy pieces of the bed constantly. This wouldn’t be a safe product for many dogs.
    I bought this bed because I’ve purchased many MidWest products in the past and have really appreciated their quality. But, this bed is awful. Don’t buy this.

    Marsha Kerr

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  3. Brittany Renee

    Not even close to durable enough for any dog who may chew and treat it like a stuffed animal. Giving two stars as my dog gets some of the blame, as well. I get it, it’s a $20 dog bed liner, but we have bought 2 now, hoping that the behavior or the durability would be better – to no avail. Dog destroyed it and ripped all of the stuffing out of it. The outside ribbing that is raised feels like a plush toy, so it’s no matter that my puppy had an amazing day with it. Also, he ate most of the stuffing which led to some interesting mornings.

    If your dog chews or demonstrates revenge when being put in their housing – probably not worth your money.

    Brittany Renee

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  4. J. Archer

    Don’t tell anyone that I’m writing this because my Mom and Dad will be upset that I’m using their computer.This bed is great, I don’t want to lay anywhere without it. I used to lay on my elevated bed without this soft and fluffy wonderous creation my Mom and Dad bought me, but now I refuse. I would rather lay on the hardwood floor and pout than do such a thing now. The other day my Mom and Dad told me I had to eat my treat on my elevated bed without this and I said no way, keep the bone and I protested until they took it out of the dryer after washing it for the 5th time. I’m a big boy (70lbs) but this 42″ bed is more than big enough for me and my favorite toy or two. This bed hasn’t torn, ripped or lost its shape in the washer or dryer. It is great!Since I’m here let me tell you a story about the neighbor’s cat, that little… uh oh, I hear my Dad coming, got to go.OdinP.S. The slobber on the keyboard was here before I started typing, that’s my story.

    J. Archer

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  5. d1nonlysnshn

    It is an awesome pad-especially for this price. Yes, it makes a crinkly noise when bent, not when walking or moving around while laying on it-because of the waterproof layer that keeps whatever is underneath dry should an accident happen.We have a Doberman puppy who will grow to gigantic proportions-compared to our other 9 dogs. For this price, $33+, it would be impossible to find a pad for him at this quality level. The exact same pad is $64.99 @ TSC. I have a 25% off coupon, but that is in-store only. This size has is not carried in stores and has to be ordered. Last year I saw this type of pad at TSC for $37….it is half the size. We have a large front load washer and this was a load by itself. Afterward it went in the dryer for 99 min – no heat. When it was dry, I brought it upstairs and told Jake-aka-Papi, that it was his and he took immediate possession of it. Of course he reluctantly left his pad to jump up on the bed to keep Luci and me company so we wouldn’t be lonely.Those of you complaining that it is thin-read the description. The specs are clearly stated. It is fleece and warm. It doesn’t need to be thicker like other materials to provide the same warmth. Also, if it were a lot thicker, a pad this size would NOT fit in the washer, which was the most important criterion I was looking for in a pad.This will also be great in our Suburban, Dodge Ram, RV, couches, chairs, beds, or anything else you are trying to keep dog hairs or dirty paw prints off.It works great on our tile floors: stood on it -my feet were nice and roasty-toasty.


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  6. Elle Daly

    This is a the 42″ version. I ordered this to put in the dog crate for our new puppy that we will be getting soon. I will be ordering a 2nd one because our adult lab loves it so much I don’t think she will be sharing this one. It’s very lightly padded on the bottom with a decent size bolster. It is made well for the price. I might even order 2 more so I can have 1 in the crate and 2 in the living room. I like that they are not really bulky and they don’t take up a ton of room in the living room area. Plus they are lightweight so they are easy to move around from room to room. Definitely recommend.

    Elle Daly

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  7. Gradyborn

    Husband bought this with reading zero reviews and it is not what we were wanting. We bought this for our dog to lay on the floor by our bed. It is maybe 1/8”-1/4” in thickness, slightly more cushion than laying on the floor. (Different beds must differ is thickness because reviews are saying very thin, almost non existent to 3/4”, ours is definitely not 3/4”.). The other complaint is, the very thin filling sounds like crumpled up newspapers or plastic. There’s definitely a noise when our dog walks on it, and feel like this will not be staying by our bed at night because of it. I would return it but our dog 1/2 way laid on it, and I know our dog would not be happy if we bought a bed for him that someone had returned after their dog laid on it. It is receiving above 1 star because the material is soft, supposedly machine washable, and would fit nicely in a crate. It is not getting more because I should not have to sift through lots of reviews to find out it is very thin. So, if you are looking for a small amount of soft padding to fit in a crate, this is for you. If you are like us and wanting a dog bed to lay by your bed on the floor, spend more money and get a more plush one.


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  8. C.A.

    I was on the fence about how to rate this dog bed. First, let me just say my 12 week puppy HATES this thing. But should stars be taken away because one dog doesn’t like it? It’s just like not every kid is going to like every toy, right? So minus one star for puppy preference. He has a soft, fluffy blanket that I fold up to perfectly fit in his crate and he loves that blanket like no other.
    The reason for the other two missing stars? Well, it is very thin on the bottom. Practically not padding at all. Sure, my dog likes falling asleep on my tile and hardwood floors, but when I buy a dog bed I’m after something with padding and lots of comfort….even if it is only to make me feel good about it. Also, the material. It is not soft and my puppy is literally eating this thing up. He pulls the fuzz out. He eats it; it flies all over the floor everywhere. He flips the bed over and chews the underside like it’s his JOB. He refuses to sleep with this in his crate….just whines until I take it out. That is very unusual behavior for him, because he doesn’t whine about anything else. Only this bed.

    So I guess two stars because it fits perfectly in his 30″ crate and it washes well. Well, at least, it washed well in the one cycle I gave it through the washer and dryer. Sad to say I am going to throw this away.


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  9. 2cats1Dog

    This review is not for the Midwest pet bed I just purchased, but it will explain why I did just purchase the small size bed for my cat so she would have a comfy place to wait for me to assume my staff duties in the morning.Years ago, my loving and lovable (if brainless) boxer/lab/something hairy mix destroyed every single dog bed I could find for him. He considered zippers to be a particular delicacy, so I learned not to buy beds with those. Buy a bed, leave the room, go shopping, whatever, find the latest bed strewn around the house with foam bouncing everywhere and a proud and happy dog eager to show me how well he could amuse himself. Switch back to a ratty blanket until I couldn’t stand it, buy another bed, lather, rinse, repeat.After several years of this, I took Toby with me in the summer of 2007 on a road trip to visit family out of state. I bought a travel pop up crate which terrified him because he kept popping it down and trapping himself. So I went out and bought a brand new extra large wire kennel just like his “little house” back home in my dining room. (Little house as in “Toby, go to your little house!” It was like sending a kid to their room with a tv, computer, toys, etc. and about as effective. :P) I also, what the heck, bought a Midwest bolster bed that fit in his crate. He was so thrilled to have his familiar surroundings.Amazingly enough, his Midwest bed lasted for the next 13 years! Toby couldn’t destroy it, and neither could I. It got peed on, barfed on, even pooped on a couple of times, as well as having who knows what squished into it fairly regularly. I washed it regularly on my 90 minute whitest white cycle with the hot water, second rinse, and bleach, followed by the hot cotton machine drying cycle. It just bounced back as good as new every time. Toby snuggled on it for years in his little house with his favorite toys and bones buried under it.Eventually as Toby grew older (in body, not in spirit!) I moved the bed to the living room so he could snuggle closer to us and just in general watch us happily. I put a piece of memory foam underneath it to make it gentler on his aging bones. Toby crossed the rainbow bridge this February, just 3 months short of his 17th birthday, having lived far, far beyond his expected lifespan. He was happy and loved life and his treats and his people right up until the very end. I couldn’t bear to even move his bed, let alone toss it or give it away.Suddenly I had an idea which has brought me a great deal of comfort. I washed it one last time on the super duper cleaning cycle and made it a floor mat right next to my bed, complete with the memory foam under it.Every day now, when I step onto its comforting softness, I am reminded once again of my dearly loved, deeply missed, always and forever Very Good Boy.I wouldn’t have thought a dog bed could bring me joy, but it has. I have attached a picture of Toby the Amazing Wonder Dog from just this past December, age 16 1/2, on his 12 1/2 year old Midwest pet bed. Don’t they both look nice?


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