Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

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One Size to Fit All: The collar measures 70cm in length. But it can be easily trimmed from either end to make it fit the required size.
3 modes: Simply pressing the switch button to the following modes in sequence: Slow Flashing, Fast Flashing, and Glow. It will turn off with one more press then the cycle will start again.
Rechargeable Battery: Use the enclosed mini USB cable to connect the unit to a wall adaptor (not included), a power bank or computer USB port to charge the battery.
360 degree visibility: The collar light up almost perfectly 360 degrees, superior then any LED collars in the market.
Easy to use: Simply pull out from either end and reinsert into the end after applying to the dog neck.


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Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs – BSEEN


Feature: This led dog collar is convenient to use. This item can be change for any shape because there is no circuit inside the plastic ring. Light would not be affected by bending or cutting, or dog bite.

Adjustable size: The total length of the collar is 27.5″. The clear part can be cut from anywhere to adjust the size to your need.

Package includes: 1 x LED flashing dog collar 1 x USB cable

Safety dog collar: In low light conditions,this dog collar can help keep your dog safe. AND It’s easy to SEE your dog if the dog runs away.

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3 reviews for Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light up Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

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  1. Jacqui V.

    Purchased one of these BSeen LED Dog Collars more than a year ago. At the time, my dog was the only one at the park who was lit up. This year, there are a half dozen dogs running around with LED collars. Mine worked flawlessly right up until I lost it a couple of months back. Ordered a second one as a replacement thanks to my thoughtlessness and couldn’t be happier with the collar. The latest version is even better than the first one I owned! This collar has a single button for On/Off, Blink Fast, Blink Slow, and Solid. Your battery charge will last the longest if you use Solid but I do like having the slow blink when crossing busy roads. The light is bright enough that it makes my dog a bit more visible at dusk and highly visible at dark, but the LED is not bright enough to make any difference during the day. Charges easily with the supplied cord (you’ll need to use your own USB charger as it does not come with one). Comes with a small bag to keep your charging cord securely stored. One feature I especially love about the BSeen LED Dog Collar is the ability to cut it down to whatever size you need. My dog’s neck is always in between sizes of every single collar I’ve ever tried on him (several dozen), so this is fabulous. Since I like to quickly slide this collar on and off, I purposefully sized the collar to be a bit loose; made it just large enough to easily slide past the ears without being able to slide off when he’s got his nose down, sniffing something. Works brilliantly. Charge lasts for many hours at a time and the LED on my original collar was just as bright after one year of ownership as it was on day one. Highly, highly recommended!

    Jacqui V.

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  2. 1wildflwr

    *update 8/2019: it has been many years of heavy use and abuse and it still works like new*I got the green one because I thought it’d be the brightest. It IS! It’s so bright it acts like my dog’s personal flashlight. I keep hers on steady so it’s less annoying (there are two modes, flashing and solid) and she can see at least a foot ahead of her. I use her to light my path up the stairs when the solar lights run out of juice. It comes with its own charger that uses a typical cord so if you lose it, replacing the cord is easy and cheap. My dog’s neck is about the same size as her head but because of the stiffness of the material it doesn’t come off (her ears keep it in place even when shaking off water, etc). It’s so bright I’ve even used it as a night light once or twice because it’s so handy. When it’s off it’s nothing more than a smooth clear piece of tubular plastic. The LED light is in the clasp. I have used this every night, twice a night for over a month, even in light rain and it’s held up great. My neighbors saw a green UFO in my yard the other night and messaged me about it over social media. I told them it was her collar and now they want one too! That’s two neighbors from two different properties! I had no idea they even noticed us until I bought this collar lol. The charge lasts about 3hrs on steady light.


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  3. VickyNC

    This is exactly what I was looking for to make my dog visible at night when I am walking him. I wear a reflective vest but my dog is low to the ground and ahead of me and I was afraid drivers would see me but not my dog on his lead until it was too late. One of my neighbors had purchased two of these BSeen LED collars, one in pink and one in blue so I immediately ordered a green one. The BSeen LED dog collar fits any size dog–from the smallest to the largest since you cut the tubing with a pair of scissors to the correct size for your animal. I cut it to a length that would slip over my dog’s head easily (you don’t make it tight around the animal’s neck) and once I turned it on the transparent tubing glowed a bright green exactly as it is pictured. My dog doesn’t seem to be aware that it is around his neck and I remove it after we return from our walk at night. It has a small button that you press once for “fast flashing”, press it twice for “slow flashing”, press it three times and the glow is steady “on” and press it the fourth time for “off”. A great advantage of this BSeen LED collar is that it can be recharged using a USB port on my computer which takes 30–60 minutes. I had seen glow sticks made for children or parties for less but the chemical ones usually could not be turned on and off, were the wrong shape to have around the animal’s neck or couldn’t be recharged. My street now has three dogs wearing these LED collars at night in addition to their regular collars or harnesses and I think once other dog owners see them and how it makes the dogs’ location on the leash very visible to car traffic a lot of my other neighbors will order this collar for their pets. It is well made, easy to operate and fit to the animal and arrives promptly. The instructions are clear and it only takes a couple of minutes to fit the collar to the dog. I recommend this collar highly as a safety measure for all dogs and/or people walking, jogging or running in the dark.


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