Cat Carrier – Cats and Kitten Cozy Bed, 3 Doors, Top Entrance | Airline Approved, Escape-Proof, Breathable, Leak-Proof, Easy Storage – Medium

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  • The petisfam advantage: Created by pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians.
  • This petisfam cat carrier designed for medium cats measures 17″L X 11″W X 11″H, recommended max load of 16 lbs (7.3 kg)
  • Escape-proof and easy to use. All zippers are anti-escape. Zip completely, lock automatically. A secure leash hook included
  • It’s a piece of cake to get uncooperative in from the top-loading opening. Most of petisfam users’ cats are happy to go in by themselves and take it as a bed
  • Easier and safer to transport your fur baby no matter by car or air. Car seat belt straps included securing the carrier on your car seat.
  • Airline approved, fits Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Jet Blue, United Airlines, Allegiant Air, Virgin airlines, Alaska Air, Frontier Airlines. Luggage attachment inclued
  • Lightweight and easier to carry by carrying handles or use an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap to carry it like a purse; Folds down flat easily for storage. Pocket included for toy and treats.

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Cat Carrier Soft Pet Carrier for Medium Cats and Small Dogs with Cozy Bed, 3 Doors, Top Entrance | Airline Approved, Escape-Proof, Breathable, Leak-Proof, Easy Storage – petisfam

  • What makes petisfam different?
  • Pet is family. It’s exactly that focus led us to make the comprehensive pet product range.
  • – Created by pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians
  • – petisfam soft pet carrier offers a comfy and safe way to transport your fur baby! And provides a high level of convenience for you!
  • 1. Keep your pet comfortable
  • – More space. 17“L X12″WX 12″H, wider and higher offer enough space for pet to be comfortable
  • – Padded soft bottom for comfort
  • – Mesh on the sides and top for good airflow
  • – Allows pet many views thru the mesh screens
  • 2. Keep your pet safe
  • – Escape proof, all zippers are anti-escape and a security leash included
  • – Auto-Save design to keep pet safe while car ride
  • – SGS tested material, non-toxic
  • – Well ventilated design for good airflow
  • – Sturdy bottom and space, well-constructed won’t collapse inward while carrying within pet
  • 3. Provides a high level of convenience for you
  • – No installation needed
  • – Zip completely, lock automatically
  • – Easy to carry: there’s a set of handles attached directly to the top or you can use an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap to carry it like a purse
  • – Easy to clean, fleece bed can be machine washed after each trip
  • – Easy to storage, the whole carrier folds flat when not in use
  • – Lightweight enough for you to carry
  • – Top opening, easy for you to get cat in and check on your pet
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10 reviews for Cat Carrier – Cats and Kitten Cozy Bed, 3 Doors, Top Entrance | Airline Approved, Escape-Proof, Breathable, Leak-Proof, Easy Storage – Medium

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  1. DaisyGirl

    We purchased this carrier for my daughter’s 4 year old cat. She normally doesn’t travel well (i.e. peeing, poo, vomit in the crate). She’s very sensitive and thought perhaps she could smell our other cats in the crates so we decided to buy her one of her own. I chose this one because it would be easy for my teenage daughter to carry around and would look okay if she left it in her room and it had great reviews. My daughter spent 3 weeks training her cat to get used to the carrier. She put treats and cat nip in it and would open different zippers and openings and let her explore it. She would play in it and also just let her nap in it. After awhile she would carry the crate downstairs and sit and talk to her while she stayed in it. Then one day she carried the crate to the car and would sit in and talk. The day of her vet appointment her cat did real well in it and only meowed and carried on but no getting sick. Also in the examining room she ran back into her crate and laid there while we talked so we knew she was comfortable in it. The crate isn’t very sturdy if you take the bed out. But the bed is soft and comfortable and the crate is nice with the bed in. The fabric feels very sturdy and can be wiped down or you can dunk in a tub to wash it if necessary. We liked the extra pocket on the outside and that we could use the shoulder strap or take it off. The best part is all the openings. Having a top opening is very useful for an uncooperative cat. We put a puppy pee pad in the crate in case of an accident she wouldn’t have to lay on a wet bed for the ride home and having both ends opened made it easy to wrap the pad around the bed. My daughter was able to carry the crate easily but did struggle with bumping it into things so she carried the bag in her arms. Her cat is 8.5 lbs and fit with plenty of room to spare. She snuggled into the back at one point and we still had half the crate empty. When completely stretched out she still has a few extra inches. We are pleased with this crate and felt it was a good value.


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  2. Jessica

    I have not had occasion to use this carrier yet but it looks like a nice one. At first, I was a little hesitant because it arrived folded up and when I picked it up, it didn’t seem as though it had a sturdy frame. However, once I zipped up the sides and inserted the bottom piece, it took shape. The material is nice, the bottom insert has nice padding (although I will add another soft pad for transporting our cats), the screen seems to be quite strong but open enough to allow good airflow. This carrier arrived with a shoulder strap but I think I’ll be using it with the regular handles which appear to be strong. If there is any problem with it once we put it to use, I will update my review.


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  3. Cindy Elton

    We have a male cat who is quite the Houdini. I purchased this particular carry because they claimed it was inescapable. It has worked great so far. So many great features. It was easy to get him in the crate and didn’t seem to dislike it as much as the hard plastic one we had before. The seatbelt feature was great. It kept the crate on the seat just fine. I left them out after our trip and our two cats would get in them and sleep. I recommend them to everyone with cats.

    Cindy Elton

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  4. JMabie

    I don’t usually use the word “best” in product reviews, but I am this time. There are so many things I love about this carrier I figure it would be easiest if I just did it in list format:* The frame on the carrier is very sturdy* It is a large cat carrier, but not oversized. My cat has more than enough room to chill out and move around* Aesthetically it’s great! It looks like it would be a lot more expensive than it is.* I love the added strap to attach to the car seat for safety* The removable pad has a zipper on the end (See pic) which will make it easy to clean* I really like the mesh sides so Lily can see out* There are four doors, prefer to use the top to load her up and the side ones for her to come out of the carrier* It collapses easy and is pretty flat which makes the carrier easy to store.


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  5. Suzanne

    My super skittish, scaredy-cat, Lorenzo had not been to the vet since he was a kitten 9y ago. The reason for that was that I could never get him into the carrier and finally decided it wasn’t worth the stress on either of us. But last month he developed an issue with his eye and I HAD to take him to the vet. I made and then canceled two appts b/c I could not get him into the hard plastic carrier with the metal gate. Oh the stress of it all! Finally I ordered this case and loaded him into it first try. Today was our 3rd visit to the vet in a month and I got him into the carrier on my first try each time. What worked for my little kitty was the top-loader option. I put the case up on the counter and plopped him in from the top and zipped it up in a hurry. At the last 2 visits, the vet didn’t even have to take him out of the carrier. I unzipped the top and one side, and he was able to complete his eye exam while the cat stayed put. My only goal for this case was to get my cat in it so I could take him to the vet and it passed with flying colors. What a relief!


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  6. Diana Lopez Darg

    4/5 since the zippers are a bit flimsy (zipper came apart when setting up the carrier. Easily fixed by opening and closing it again, but this happened without a cat inside, so will have to test with cat to see if it holds).We finally had a reason to use it, taking the kitten to the vet.It works pretty well. “floor” of carrier is kinda stiff, so we added a little bed.Kitten was unable to escape.

    Diana Lopez Darg

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  7. Siv

    It looks very chic! I haven’t taken it for a test drive yet, but I feel pretty confident that it will hold up, it has the feel and look of a quality product. I bought two, and I’m definitely keeping one, for my smaller cat. It would definitely work well for a medium size cat as well, but my boy cat is a tall drink of water – people always comment on this – and I feel it’s too cramped for him at 17x11x11″ (the measurements are correct, but until you see the cat in the actual carrier…), especially since we’re going for a very long flight. I even looked into those funny-looking expandable ones, but they all seem like sh*te quality; if it isn’t this problem, it’s another – shoulder straps ripping off immediately, the hard wire poking a hole in the mesh, just awful. Only exception the Siivton one (which, as a bonus, even expands in 3 directions!), but alas! Only available in medium. To sum up: Even though I am buying the carrier for airline travel, I need to look into a carrier that is a bit bigger than this – longer especially. 🙂 A couple of inches makes a huge difference if a carrier is tight! Btw, Aeroflot is excellent for traveling with a pet: They charge a bit less for both pet carry-on, and cargo if you go for that (shudder; not for a 13-hr flight) – and they are more generous with the dimensions of the carrier. To save someone else the trouble of researching cat carriers for long cats, look into the Akinerri one. 🙂 I like Hitch and a Pet-Zone one that’s almost identical (they look like Sherpas), but I feel they’re a bit too open – they have full mesh on three sides (doesn’t that seem way too exposed?), whereas the Akinerri has only two – one side closed, one side mesh, just like this carrier. It’s pretty sporty-looking, which would work well for the boy. While la principesa will travel in this one. Definitely keeping this one. 🙂


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  8. jo ann umbreit

    Great carrier! I needed a cat carrier with an easy top load opening. My 15 pound male kitty is super strong and I can’t get him in a front load opening. This is perfect, durable and it’s easy to store.

    jo ann umbreit

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  9. Sunnyflacat

    I finally donated my old hard plastic carrier to a shelter and got this one for my 6 lb kitty. She fits in it fine, but if she was heavier it would not have worked. It is very well made and comes with a soft mat. A bonus we discovered is if i unzip the top part, my kitty sticks her head out and has a grand old time looking around from the safety of her carrier. I think it would be great for long trips. I’m just sorry i waited so long to get this.


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  10. Audrey

    I introduced this carrier to my kitten and his litter mates, and they used it every day as a playground until he was ready to come home. Not only did it stand up to a month with six kittens, but I also get compliments every time I have it out in public. The multiple openings make it easy to get in and out of. I highly recommend this carrier!


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