Baby Girl Headband Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton and Synthetic Headbands Rose Color

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Fabric Type 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex
Care Instructions Machine washable.
Origin Imported
Color Arrows Hearts
Size 0-24 Mont


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Hudson Baby Baby Size Chart Baby (Sizes 0-24M)

Manufacturer sizeUS SizeAge
(in months)
(in inches)
(in pounds)
0-3 Months3M0-3M21.5-248-12.5
3-6 Months6M3-6M24-26.512.5-16.5
6-9 Months9M6-9M26.5-28.516.5-20.5
9-12 Months12M9-12M28.5-30.520.5-24.5
12-18 Months18M12-18M30.5-32.524.5-27.5
18-24 Months24M18-24M32.5-3427.5-30
71% of customers say this fits true to size.
Too small
Somewhat small
True to size
Somewhat large
Too large
These fit very comfortably on our 5 months old and have been able to grow with her (now over a year).

If I had a baby girl, I would definitely use these for her since they are so adorable, trendy and comfortable looking.

Love them and they go great with the Hudson Baby Lemonade Onesies I paired these with!

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0-24 Months



12 reviews for Baby Girl Headband Hudson Baby Unisex Cotton and Synthetic Headbands Rose Color

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  1. AliciaR

    Love, love, love. Work for every outfit. Well made, look great. Love the solids so we can wear them with any print. Definitely gonna buy more, came quickly, no issues after wearing them everyday for 2 months and washed weekly, fit great for a now 5 month old. I have noticed that the headbands with prints aren’t as soft as the solids tho… worth the $! Can’t go wrong with these.


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  2. Lindsay F.

    Super cute and comfy, but snug on 9 month old. Maybe can use for her another month. My girlfriend put one on her 2 month old and it fit perfectly. 🙂

    Lindsay F.

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  3. Orda ****

    Cute however after washing (which says you should before washing and for sanitary reasons we would anyways) the bows deformed a bit and are not settling back into nice bows again. We will try to iron and hope that helps. I would suggest hand washing to retain bow shape. Also a few of the bows bands were twisted before they sewed it back together making those basically useless because the twist either has to go on the underneath of your babies head which makes it super uncomfortable for them laying their head down, or the twist has to be up by the bow which obviously makes the headband look messed up. Super disappointed because it’s on the colors we would use most often. And naturally we oowned and washed them all before noticing so cannot return.

    Orda ****

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  4. Cuty Mom

    These headbands arrived with a nice make up looking stain right on the front of the white bow.l inside it’s plastic wrapped package. When I opened the package the stains were also on the back side of the white bow and the cardboard piece that bands came on had all dirt and hairs underneath the tape securing the headbands. Very disappointing and disgusting. The stains came off after spot cleaning, but I’m not sure I’ll be using these for my baby, as I don’t think I can wash them without ruining them completely. They are made from very thin nylon (sheer tight-like) material and you can see all the hot glue that is holding them together. I’m going to try to hand wash them and see what happens. The price was very affordable which is the only thing that softens this blow…so can’t be too disappointed from that point of view. Otherwise, these bows are cute.

    Cuty Mom

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  5. Deal Diva

    I love Hudson baby’s hair bands. We have several that we’ve bought off of Amayup and I’ve never been disappointed. My daughter has been wearing these style hairbands from them since she was 3 months. She’s 9 months now. I love these bright colors too. And if they get dirty you can machine wash these and they look good still.

    Deal Diva

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  6. Qu Schmick

    I flipping LOvE these! They are adorable! I bought these for my 6 month old daughter (who is the size of a 1 yr old) and they fit so well! They didn’t really fade much in the wash and they are soft but just the right amount of stretch!

    Qu Schmick

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  7. Jailyn

    I love these. I bought another pack (cherries) a few months back and wanted the pink and denim plaid set. They are adorable and fit my baby girl’s head really well at all ages (she is now 8 months). They look kind of retro too.These are soft, look as expected, and were delivered quickly. I recommend these for sure.


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  8. Deal Diva

    I LOVE these headbands for my daughter! I was so happy to find that these actually fit her. She has been wearing them since she was 3 months old. She is small and I could never find headbands small enough to fit her head til these. (To reference she was 12 lbs at her 4 month appt). Once I found these, I bought 2 more variety packs. These are soft and don’t fall down constantly like others. When these get dirty I just wash and dry them and then iron it easily and it looks good as new. The color is still nice. She wears one everyday and there’s plenty of stretch to last til she’s probably a toddler. Check out my photo collage.

    Deal Diva

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  9. ChJThom

    I got these for my twin daughters’ baby dolls which have heads about the size of a 6 month old. I haven’t tried them on a real baby’s head but they go on (and stay on) the dolls’ plastic heads very well. They are pretty stretchy and comfortable and don’t seem like they’d be the kind that digs into the baby’s head and leaves marks like other ones I’ve seen. If I had a baby girl, I would definitely use these for her since they are so adorable, trendy and comfortable looking. As far as size range, I think they would probably be a bit too big for a newborn, but might work for a 1 month old and fit comfortably up to about 24 months(I tried it on my 32 month old son who is a little smaller than average and it seemed to fit well). Also, in case you are wondering, they are not the kind that unties all the way into a sash. They do, however, untie in a way so you can adjust the size of the bow(see pics).


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  10. Lindsey

    These are so adorable! My daughter is 7 weeks old, and the headbands are just a little bit too big/loose right now. She is still able to wear them, but they slide around a little. I can’t wait until He has gets a little bigger so they fit better because these headbands are so cute on her!


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