Baby Boy Organic Cotton Casual Socks, Boy Stripes – Touched by Nature

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  • 78% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Organic cotton, polyester and spandex blend
  • Stretchable for better fit
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Set includes coordinated socks
  • Affordable, high quality set

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Baby Boy Organic Cotton Casual Socks, Boy Stripes – Touched by Nature

  • We are inspired by natural beauty & animals, healthy living, and planet
  • Touched by Nature offers coordinating designs across accessories, bedding, clothing, feeding, footwear and more to make for an adorably stylish, cozy nursery and wardrobe made with 100% organic cotton.
  • Touched by Nature is committed to baby clothes & nursery essentials made with 100% organic cotton
  • Organic cotton feels luxuriously soft on the skin
  • Made with natural and breathable fibers, our organic cotton is the best fabric for a baby’s soft, sensitive new skin. We believe it is best to avoid wearing clothing made with harsh chemicals for baby’s first years.
  • Organic cotton is better for soft and sensitive skin
  • Made without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, our organic cotton clothing is pure and made without harsh chemicals, feeling incredibly comfortable and cozy on baby’s skin.
  • Organic cotton fabric products will last longer
  • Washes well, holding up wash after wash, and stays true to size for a perfect fit, organic cotton clothing will last longer and stay softer with every wash, far superior to conventional cotton fibers.
  • Organic cotton is better for farmers
  • Organic cotton is made without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, restricting the use of harmful chemicals into our soil, water, and food. Organic cotton promotes safer conditions on the small farms where farmers and their families live and work.
  • Organic cotton makes these socks soft and comfortable, keeping your little one’s feet warm with a gentle touch. This 6 pack of socks come with solid color and stripe variety to mix and match with any outfit. Available in sizes up to 24 months. These socks make a great addition to a baby shower gift along with our organic layette items, including rompers, pants, and bodysuits in soft, trendy colors

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    the design on these socks are great and look really good, they fit perfectly and feel thick and of a nice material.

    Fit great, easy to wash, and stay on just as well as any other sock.

    He is 18 months old and they fit great with room to grow.

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Boy Stripes

12 reviews for Baby Boy Organic Cotton Casual Socks, Boy Stripes – Touched by Nature

Based on 12 reviews
  1. Lauren

    For some reason I’ve had a hard time finding cute boy socks that I actually liked. These are very cute and the colors are great. They’re longer too so it’s harder for babies that are busy bodies to kick them off. When I opened the package they looked huge-I bought them for my four month old but they looked like they could fit at least a twelve month old. But I measured his feet according to their size guide and it was the right size for him. I almost put them in a drawer for him to wear when he was older but luckily I decided to try them on him because they fit perfectly. So definitely try them on your baby before storing them for later or returning them if they do look like they may be too big.


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  2. Ells

    Awesome organic socks but order the 6-12 months if your baby has feet are over 3 inches long. My baby is only 6 weeks old but is on the larger side and has already outgrown all of his newborn and 0-6 month socks so I went ahead and ordered the larger size, good thing because as of now they fit almost perfectly and should fit for for awhile. My son’s feet are right under 3.5 inches long and 6-12 month size works.


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  3. Mr. Pubs

    Those socks are not 100% cotton as I thought after reading description here. The seller doesn’t mention that they are made of 78% cotton, 20% polyester and 2% spandex. If I knew that I would never buy these socks because I don’t want my baby to wear polyester materials. In my opinion the seller has to specify all the materials used instead of writing “organic cotton blend” since it leads to misunderstanding. I am dissapointed with this purchase.

    Mr. Pubs

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  4. Laila Paskinyan

    I’m pretty disappointed that the socks are only part organic cotton. The rest is nylon and spandex. After reading more closely I see it does mention blend in the description. But this is still rather misleading and I don’t see anywhere where it says it includes polyester and spandex! What’s the point of paying extra for organic cotton only to end up with man-made junk mixed with it?
    Not going to use these, so I guess they’ll just end up as cleanup rags for my art supplies 🙁

    Laila Paskinyan

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  5. Ann

    I am a repeat buyer of these socks and I planning on purchasing again.These socks fit so well and they don’t slide down into the shoe as other socks.. my child wears a size 7 wide shoe and is 14 months old.. these socks fit so well , there’s room in the toes and aren’t tight at the ankle. They are not Non skid socks!Non skid socks do Not belong in Shoes…Your child will walk incorrectly.. the toes tend to curl when wearing “non skid socks” in a shoe. I can’t seem to find a store which doesn’t carry “non skid socks”. I will continue to purchase these socks. They are soft comfortable and wash great!


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  6. Krista

    My son is big for his age so we needed socks that wouldn’t pinch his legs. These socks are very stretchable and have cute designs. They don’t have the grip strips on the bottom but since my son isn’t walking yet it doesn’t affect us.


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  7. Samantha Mulder

    These are great for newborn feet! I’ve had trouble finding baby socks that are small enough to stay on my son’s feet. Even at 3 months old most baby socks are still too big! This are nice and snug and I don’t have to worry about losing them

    Samantha Mulder

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  8. Lori L.

    Cute little socks that actually stay on! My girl has long skinny string bean feet, and these miraculously stay on. These are winners!

    Lori L.

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  9. Newmanator

    We love these socks! And most things that Touched by Nature makes. I love that they make reasonably-priced organic clothing, blankets, and other goods.These socks are a little bit big on our 6 month old, but that was purposeful. I was so sick of the socks that were her “size” cutting off the circulation to her little baby cankles. These slip down a little bit, but they are really soft, and she’s going to quickly grow into them. They don’t leave any marks on her, even though her legs are actually thick enough to pretty much fit into them. We will definitely be buying more! They’re a great deal.


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  10. Kay J.

    Bought these for my Infant son, who at the time, weighed 9 lbs, and 21 inches. A month later at 11 lbs, 22.5 inches (as pictured), this pack of socks still fits like a gem!Tip: With all socks, be sure to turn them inside out, to make sure there isn’t any loose threads that may wrap around your little one’s toes, cutting off circulation and causing pain. I do this check with ALL socks and cut any loose pieces of cotton/thread that I see, before they become problematic, during wear and/or after throwing in washing machine.PROS:- this is a set of socks that he does not easily kick off, especially when playing footsie with himself :-)- soft on his skin and does not snag on his toe nails- great for the cooler months, that we encounter on the East coast, since these socks have a little thickness to them.- Breathable – Does not causing sweating on baby’s feet.- wash, after wash, they’ve held up perfectly – so far. At the time of this review, they’ve been washed at least 5 times (as seen in pic). I wash/dry these on a delicate cycle and have not experienced shrinkingCONS:N/A

    Kay J.

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